Welcome to my brand new venture Sherman Text Studio (Oversettelses- og tolkevirksomhet).

Having a keen interest in literature, languages and the wider world since early childhood, I kept pursuing my passions alongside working in the UK civil service. While at Warsaw University I studied Russian, Latin, Italian, Spanish and Old Church Slavonic. Now I am focusing more on the translation and creative writing aspects, while continually promoting literary events, making connections, and volunteering at book festivals when possible.

I completed a Polish Language and Literature Masters Degree in Poland, and legal studies in the UK. I have translated poetry by the late Jarosław Zieliński, several volumes of sonnets by the Polish writer, journalist and poet Krystyna Konecka, and a wide range of texts for other authors and health providers, mostly from Polish to English. Recently I started translating from Norwegian, and my first clients were Fossekleiva kultursenter (Nor to Eng) and Trasoppklinikken (Nor to Pol).

Form og frihet, tradisjon og nyskaping – om figurteater is available here, on the Fossekleiva kultursenter’s  website.

My latest longer English-Polish translation is a crime novella set in Greenland, written by Christoffer Petersen. It is available as an eBook Chłopiec z zębem narwala (original title: The Boy with the Narwhal Tooth).

Please contact me for more details about how I can bring your translation projects to life.